Dermal Treatment



Employing dermaroller technology, Dermastamp penetrates the tissue, creating micro-channels that infuse skin-stimulating peptides and HA.


The new electronic Dermastamp employs the use of fine skin-needles with adjustable depths of 0.5-1.5mm.

The fine needles Dermastamp uses stimulate and rejuvenate the skin tissue. The results are comparable to laser, without using heat-based technology, eliminating risks of skin coagulation and burning. Zero risk of skin pigmentation makes it suitable for Fitzpatrick skin types 1-6.

The device tricks the skin into thinking it has been wounded, triggering a healing process. This forms new collagen, stimulating fibroblasts (collagenosis); and improves blood-supply as new blood-vessels are formed (angiogenesis).


The needle carries an electrical charge that changes cell polarity when penetrating the skin, stimulating growth and releasing proteins from the cells. This initiates fibroblast flooding and the formation of new c3 collagen.


Results become visible instantly although the collagen takes 6 weeks to mature from c3 to structural c1 collagen. The skin’s inflammatory reaction fades within hours and results continue for up to 3-12 months, as the c1 collagen matures.

Before we begin this ultrasonic facial treatment, we need to cleanse the face, décolleté and neck thoroughly. We then exfoliate and apply a spray toner to the skin, after which we set the bt- Micro to the EXFOL setting and start at the lowest point, the décolleté, working our way up in upward strokes. After this wet exfoliation, the skin is hydrated and all dead skin cells have been removed. The next setting is for the serum, so we apply a nutrient-infused serum to the skin in a thin layer. Running the ultrasonic spatula over the skin, in the upward motion while holding the skin in place with one hand, the microcurrents will help the skin absorb the serums to penetrate the deepest layer for ultimate healing. The cream is then applied to the skin to hydrate and prep the skin for closing steps, followed by a clearing step to remove congestion in your pores. The treatment is complete, and your skin will feel radiant, glowing, fuller and youthful once again.

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