We cannot look to over-the-counter surface applications to help the skin heal from within. That’s why at Amirova Cosmetic Clinic, we look to restructure every possible base of the skin to make sure we pause your natural ageing process. Your skin goes through a lot of changes as you transition from adolescence to adulthood and again when you hit your flirty thirties. Facelifts can definitely, in varying degrees, pull your skin and the underlying tissues back into place to reveal a younger look but the recovery time is more than you need. For most of our clients at Amirova, we look for minimally invasive opportunities to correct small folds in the skin, texture and pigmentation issues without first looking to surgery. If we can save you time and discomfort, our skin care specialists will always have alternative treatments to give your skin a boost. Our dermal fillers are the next best thing, they’re noninvasive and comfortable. Get ready to explore more options for keeping your wrinkles at bay.

Dermal fillers are the perfect thing for those who have deeper lines and wrinkles that have been around for a long time, created by the natural ageing process or sun damage. These specially formulated dermal fillers work by filling the area beneath the wrinkled skin, acting like a foundation that holds up these areas that have become indented. Your skin will be fuller and smoother and have a more youthful appearance. Anti-wrinkle injections are great at reducing facial muscle mobility so your skin can reduce wrinkles, but these dermal fillers work in the areas between the skin and muscle for a rejuvenating effect. Dermal fillers work their magic in this space by engaging collagen and elastin fibres that have been sleeping it off for much too long. These dermal fillers will break down old fibres and make new ones, to support youth in your cells for months.

Dermal fillers are most successful in adding volume to the skin and engaging building fibres in the cheeks, under the eyes, around the eyes, in the forehead, between the eyebrows, in neck bands and the hands. Of course, these injection sites will be planned out with you for your specific skin care needs as you meet with our skin care specialists at Amirova Cosmetic Clinic.

Before you begin dermal filler treatments, our health professionals will use a numbing cream to make sure you are more than comfortable. In addition to the cream, we also use ice in order to minimise swelling and bruising. The treatment may take up to 60 minutes in most cases, depending on the product selection and treatment plan.

Once you have finished the treatment, you will be able to return to your daily routine, although, it is best if you stay upright for several hours and do not go to bed. Drink plenty of fluids to avoid becoming dehydrated within the first 24 hours to ensure that the product is able to take in as much as it can.


Dermal fillers will provide you with an immediate result by filling the injection site. The amount of filling or lift is determined by how much product is needed and the selected product. The results will continue to improve as the product begins to draw in moisture over the first one to two weeks after treatment. It has also been proven that a dermal filler induces the body’s own collagen production.


When a dermal filler is injected into the skin, the main side effect is bruising. There are some areas that will bruise easier than others. Our specialists will recommend a bruise cream for you to purchase after the treatment that will help your bruising vanish quickly.


Dermal fillers normally last between six and 18 months, depending on what type of filler is used and the region in which it has been injected. Skin type, health and age are also big factors when discussing treatments using dermal fillers. The lasting factor truly depends on a person’s lifestyle, age, and skin type. We will make sure to choose the proper dermal filler that will benefit your skin the most.


To find more information about our many options for effective dermal fillers, call Amirova Cosmetic Clinic today on 0406 116 704. If you’re looking for a creative change in the way you do anti-ageing injections, dermal fillers open the door to your skin’s full potential.


Our clients can experience some pain during and after the treatment; this depends on the individual’s pain threshold. All our dermal fillers include a local anesthetic, while your Amirova Cosmetic Clinic health professional may also provide supplementary pain relief.

Dermal Fillers have minimal downtime with immediate results, which generally last 6-12 months. However, it’s all depending on life style and other important factors that can impact on longevity.

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