Sub mental fullness, more commonly known as double chin, is now being treated in Australia. As of the end of May in 2017, Amirova Cosmetic Clinic is offering an exciting procedure for the treatment of double chin.


This treatment is safe and effective against double chin, and our clinic is one of the first few groups that is being trained in Australia. Provided by non-surgical, injections, this gradual treatment reshapes the jawline. The results are permanent, following 4-6 treatments, and can be used to sculpture the neck in order to redefine your jawline. This, in turn, creates a more youthful you.


Clinical studies show that the appearance of sub mental fullness is reduced by this treatment, leaving a very high satisfaction rate among patients (75%). The treatment is personalized based off the specific circumstances and anatomy of each individual that participates, reporting an improvement in the appearance of the face and chin afterwards.


More than just an improvement on their appearance, patients have reported increased self- perception in themselves after several treatments. Their personal reports stated feeling younger, happier, less self-conscious and embarrassed.


The three main causes of sub mental fullness (Double Chin) are:

  • Aging- Causing fat accumulation in the neck, aging is one of the main causes leading to double chin.
  • Genetics- The DNA of an individual may play a key role in the development of a double chin.
  • Weight- In the event of fluctuation in your weight, the chance of developing a double chin can be significantly increased.

The treatment for double chin contains an acid the occurs naturally in the human body to help absorb and breakdown dietary fat. Breaking down fat cells in the area injected, it then absorbs the fat consequently.


Largely resolved after 28 days, a subcutaneous injection can lead to adipocytolysis (an irreversible cell breakdown). This is due to the fat cell membranes being disrupted, causing a mild physiological response in the inflammatory tissue. Afterwards, new collagen begins to be produced in response to fibroblast cells appearing, thickening the fibrous septa inside the subcutaneous tissue.

Medical data in Australia show that the recommended treatments are from 3 to 6, which results in a minimum of 4 weeks.

Visually, significant improvement comes after 3 or 4 treatments.

As a result of over 9 years of clinical studies, more than 20 clinical studies worldwide, the medical data states that these results are permanent.

Common side effects of treatment is pain during the procedure, swelling, redness, numbness, and bruising.

Prior to the treatment, a consultation is required. During this consultation, the face and neck are evaluated alongside a history to ensure compatibility with the treatment. After this consultation, and patient consent, the area is clean and a grid is applied. The grid allows for the health professional to correctly inject the proper dose of the treatment. Afterwards, the patient is to hold ice on the area for 10 minutes.

Time spent, on average, at the clinic is 45-60 minutes.

The aftercare for the procedure that is recommended is panadol, for pain, and do not massage the area for 72 hours. Please note that visual results may take up to 6 weeks, sometimes they do not show till following the second or third treatment. The skin in the affected area does tighten after treatment, even after the passing of the swelling. A follow-up appointment is suggested for 4-6 weeks following the treatment.

2 vial packages are $2600, and 3 vial packages are $3500

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